How you can Follow our Gold Signals.

First you have to open an Account by our Broker .You can use an MT4/5, ctrader account, but an ECN Account.


To receive signals, you dont need your  terminal to work 24/7 ,all work in our Cloud and read the Risksettings.

GOLD BOT is a reversal (counter-trend) signal with strong overbought and oversold levels as the main reversal points. It uses various settings to set up levels of SL and TP depending on the current market situation, volatility and price movements. SL levels are ranging from 45 to 230 pips, TP levels are within 20 – 400 pips. You shall expect quite a big number of trades made by robot on your trading account (up to 50 trades a month). Only one trade at a time may be opened. It does not use any martingale system.

Average Profit a Month
17.3% (345 pips)
Total Profit
276.3% (5526 pips)
Max Drawdown
-33% (-659 pips)
Win Ratio
Profit / Loss Months
14 // 2 months
Total Profit / Loss
14503 pips / -8977 pips
Profit / Loss Trades
531 trades // 105 trades
Best / Worst Month
759 pips // -415 pips
Recommended deposit
2000 / 0.1 lot
TP Level
20-400 pips
SL Level
45-230 pip
Fixed Price is 129 € Monthly or 24.90 monthly + 25 % Peformance-fee Monthly.
You can use a trial Month with your own Broker for 59 €
fixed 0.1
fixed 0.5