The managed forex accounts service is the best option IQQTrading can offer you today. We have been many years working on the forex market and the managed account service is the extract of our knowledge and our experience. The most efficient trading offered by IQQTrading. The best signals and trading conditions.

We take the full care and the full control of your account to provide the most efficient forex trading results. We trade on your account with any broker. The results are 100% based on your account figures. 

Why Choose Managed Accounts?

The managed account service is 100% individual trading. It takes into consideration many factors, including the maximum accepted drawdown level, the main expected emphasis in trading, etc. The first step we undertake is the development of your investment and trading plan. We will offer you the most efficient trading based on your expectations and desires. The key features are variable currency pair trading, low drawdown, flexible lot size allocation, steady equity growth.We use only the most profitable and the most efficient signals of our Strategies

Any Question EmailUs: support@iqqtrading.com

1st payment 99$

Option 1: Minimum deposit : 2500 USD, Fees : 50% of monthly profit.

Option 3: Minimum deposit : 5000 USD, Fees : 35% of monthly profit.

Option 4: Minimum deposit : 10000 USD, Fees : 30% of monthly profit.

Option 5: Minimum deposit : 50000 USD, Fees : 25% of monthly profit

Questions and Answers
Is there any minimum deposit required?
The minimum deposit is $2,500 or equivalent in any currency.
How can I deposit funds to you?
IQQTrading does not accept any funds from clients. You have to deposit a fund with any forex broker you like. All depositing and withdrawal conditions are subject to terms of a broker you get an account with.
Which signals are used for generating profits?
We use a combination of currently available signals and high efficiency long term signals. The main emphasis is made on diversification and special money management.
Why there are no managed account results?
Managed account is the service with individual trading styles. Most clients have unique requirements and expectations. That is why there is no fixed managed account report. The time used for this trading and the intermediate results vary greatly from one client to another because of individual desires and expectations
Do I have to pay all fees prior to subscription?
You make a prepayment only for the first payment ($99). All other fees are paid upon profit receipt on a Monthly High Wartermark
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