Initial Payment$29 
Monthly profit15%-25%
Profit-sharing rate50% 
Minimum Live account size$1000 or equivalent 
Maximum starting Live account size$3,000
Payments periodEnd of the Week 
Delivery optionsOur Tradecopierer, so you dont need  VPS, PC or server to run 5/24.
You save costs!
No software installation
Minimum risk30% 
Maximum risk40% 

Money  profit-sharing premium service for small and mini accounts (from $1000 to $3000 or equivalent). Benefit from the best signals and share a part of your profits with us. You will have to do virtually nothing. We will do everything for you. Every end of the Week we will ask you to send us a part of your profits as the payment for the subscription. If there are no profits, you do not make any payments. Any losses will be covered first before we ask for a new payment.

This service is based on profitable, trend and reversal signals. All operations are executed automatically on any MT4/5/ctrader account with any broker. Trading is made with Forex pairs.  Each operation comes with SL and TP levels. We do not require you to transfer money to our broker. Your money stays with your broker, in your account. You may check trading results, open and past trades any time and anywhere by checking your Trader platform.

The net monthly profit is approximately 20%. The maximum drawdown is about 25-40%.Recommended is an ECN Account.

MT4/5/Ctrader Account. We accept any MT4/5/CTrader account with any broker in any currency.

Leverage 1:100 or More. Your leverage has to be at least 1:100 or more.

Not less than $1000 and not more than $3,000. Your initial account balance must be within $1000-$3,000 boundaries.For the first period, we will deduct the initial payment

Contact us : support@iqqtrading.com