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$ 79 Monthly
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  • We send our Lotsize TP and SL
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Forex Majors/Minors

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$ 99 Monthly
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Most frequent questions and answers

Of course, this also depends heavily on the conditions on the forex markets.
On average, there should be one to two trading signals per day.

Our trading signals and position adjustments are sent via sms.
On sign up please enter your phone number in internatiol format.

We dont have fixed times, we send out signals 24/5.

The hit probability is not the only important component for successful trading.
Equally important or even more important is the chance-risk ratio.
We aim for a hit probability of about 60 to 70%.

We aim for a monthly result of about two up to 10 percent.
Depending on your own willingness to take risks, you can also make more or less here.

We pay attention to the most important economic data.
These are the labor market data and interest rate decisions of the central banks.
On these dates and times we act more cautiously than usual.

We risk a maximum of 1-2% of our trading capital per trade.

That depends on the market conditions.
But of course, we are trying to increase our holdings of open positions if the market performance meets our expectations.
It happens regularly that we hold up to two, three or four open positions.

Yes, the total risk from the open positions will then increase and can be up to three or four percent.

No, that is by no means necessary.
If our subscribers can not act on time signals, that’s no problem.
There are more than enough trading opportunities during the week or month.

If subscribers miss signals, they could be the winners, but also losers.

Again, there are several options:

If you want to track our signals
1: 1, you will need to wait until you get an appropriate sms to get out of the position,
or until you reach the stated target prices.

If, on the other hand, you have a book profit that you feel is sufficient for your trading,
then of course you can take that profit and end the trade.
Often there is the possibility of a new entry to better courses.

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