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IQQTRADING - Empowering Forex Traders

Some million in assets.Join a Team of traders from around the world. Use our signals as tools to assist you in finding better setups in Forex

Our Trade Copierer for Performance-Fee

Risk settings

The lot size used on the copy account is based on your chosen risk setting. We support 4 different risk types; Risk Multiplier by Balance – Proportional lot size based the balance of both accounts. Risk Multiplier by Equity – Proportional lot size based the equity of both accounts. Lot Multiplier – A multiple of the lead accounts lot size. Fixed Lot – A fixed lot size regardless of the lead accounts lot size.

Stops & Limits

You can choose to copy stops and limits like for like, override with fixed levels or not copy at all. If you choose to not copy limits but the lead account has its own limits, when their limit is hit a close will be sent to the copy account.

Copier mode

The trade copier mode can be set and changed at any time. There are 3 different copier modes; On – New trades, modifications and closes will be copied. Manage existing trades only – No new trades will be copied but existing trades will be managed to conclusion. Off – Any trades on the lead account will be ignored.

Reverse copy

Do you know a system that loses money? You can setup a trade copier in reverse mode meaning for each trade, the opposite occurs i.e. sell when buy or buy when sell.

Click on the Pic to see the Live-Performance of our Signals, we use low Risk, middle Risk and High Risk

We start a CTrader Account. mixed Signals, no fixed Cost


To receive signals, you dont need your terminal to work 24/7 ,all work in our Cloud , so no own Vps…..and read the Risksettings.

Everything works and is setup in the Cloud!

Hosted in the Cloud – No VPS, PC or server to run 24/7. No installation required
Ultra-low latency – Internal Trade Copier latency between 1-3 ms
Server location – Frankfurt, London, New York, Singapore and even Equinix

MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM, LMAX – Hundreds of brokers are supported
Forex, CFDs, Crypto, Metals, Volatility Index,… – Copy all instruments

In now 15 Years we never had an Margincall on our Accounts and every Year ends in Profit between 90%-410% for our Clients, so be care on your Risksettings and dont overtrade you Account.You decide alone over your Profit..Drawdown etc.



contact Us:

How you can Follow our Signals.

First you have to open an Account by our Broker HERE , with our Affiliatecode(ajlr)recommended is an Pro Account, cause here you can get an Big Bonus and use an higher Leverage After this, do you Order .If you want trade with your own Broker or any Signals for a fixed Price with you own Tradercockpit contact us.All telegram Signals, you can use with your own Broker.


Signal of your Choice
99 monthly
  • you can use your own Broker
  • you own Tradercockpit
  • Forex
  • credit card, Paypal, Skrill or Crypto (Bitcoin, USDT,...)
  • we dont need any password
  • you own Risksettings
  • Risksetting global for all or individually for each individual signal
  • for Accounts up to 5000$
  • mt4/5/ CTrader
  • Subscription price is always round about 30% from our Monthly Average Profit, so you can grow with us togehter. We calculate every Month new


Min Balance 1500$
69 Signal of your Choise/fixed Monthly
  • mt4/5
  • Forex
  • Paypal/Stripe
  • no auto renew
  • for every broker

Telegram Signal Premium

Special Offer June

Managed Account

The profit-sharing service is the best option IQQTrading can offer you today . We have been many years working on the forex market and the managed account service is the extract of our knowledge and our experience. The most efficient trading offered by IQQTrading. The best signals and trading conditions.

This is the most sophisticated and the most profitable option we may offer. We take the full care and the full control of your account to provide the most efficient forex trading results.  The results are 100% based on your account figures. You make only the first small prepayment and the most fees are paid after the profits are made.

The most efficient trading considering all your requirements (the maximum level of drawdown, trading leverage, spread and commissions, instruments desires). It takes into consideration many factors, including the maximum accepted drawdown level, the main expected emphasis in trading, etc.

For this Subscription you need a new Account with our Broker Roboforex, here you can get a Big Bonus.You decide over Drawdown etc, you can close any trade everytime.


You need an fresh Account, dont do your own Trades and dont do any Payouts in the Subscription time.

Setup-Fee is 299€

Performance-Fee 40% on HWM

Minimum Balance is 5000$

+100% of Deposit+ Setup-Fee

For Example, you start with 10000 $ , in the End of the Subscription its 20299$

Account by our Broker HERE , with our Affiliatecode(ajlr) No ECN Account needed, use an Pro Account, cause you can chose an high Leverage and an Big Bonus

one of Our Managed Account  with low Risk


Min Balance 5000$
299 Setupfee Yearly
  • 40% monthly Performance-fee
  • mt4/5/CTrader
  • Forex
  • Paypal/Stripe
  • Min Balance 5000 $
  • Managed Account
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use the Managment Account, first periode reached the 100 percent in 7 month, second in 9 months and now i am in the third..... thanks a lot guys
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