We recommend a balance of $1000, of course you can trade with an smaller Account, but the risk is higher then. As a leverage we recommend 100 or higher .

This is a new service that we have developed which allows you to keep your costs down while maintaining maximum uptime and the lowest latency when trading using one of the signals on our network. Unlike a VPS, we host your Metatrader terminal on one of our secure in-house servers and maintain the IQQTrading  connection 24/7. 

If you do not wish to run and maintain your own VPS but you still wish to utilise super low latency servers then MT4 Hosting might be for you! 

  • We manage your MetaTrader 4 terminal so you don’t have to install anything
  • Your MetaTrader 4 terminal will be hosted in the same Data Center as our Copier server so you will get the fastest execution
  • Our staff and automated systems will monitor the  connection and correct any issues. Allowing you a totally hands off approach to trade copying

Yes, you can still trade on your own.

You’re not under any contract or obligation! Feel free to cancel your membership anytime, this can be done simply by – Go to settings – Subscription – Select service & cancel You can also contact customer support, to avoid charge for the following month of your subscription, you must cancel before the recurring date. For an example, if your subscription date is the 16th of every month, you must cancel before the 15th. Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding billing.

All packages in the trade copier an telegram are the same signals. The difference, is that with our telegramsignals you have to add our trades manually, where with our tradecopier everything is set up automatic.

Our results are taken directly from the broker’s trading account and verified by MyFxbook or  fxblue, an independent analytical tool.

there are no hidden costs or spread markups

IQQTrading  is a completely Cloud service. You do not need to keep your trading account open or install anything on your computer. Your terminal is connected 24/5 on our servers.

To copy the trades to your account, we need to configure it on our server. The investor password is not suitable for opening and closing positions, so we need your master password to do that. With a master password, we won’t have access to your funds; we only have trading privileges on it.

Yes, you can. It won’t interfere with our strategy, but please keep in mind that if you use the same account, having a drawdown simultaneously in both strategies exposes your risk of losing.

Whether you’re a professional investor or new to investing if you’re looking to diversify your investments or just looking to enter the market for the first time. Our service is for everyone!

The system was invented to simplify traders’ life and help people make money without actuating trading themselves. We enable our subscribers to copy the trades of the master account without the need of manual supervision. We only have the right to execute trades on your trading account. We will never have direct access to your funds. If you’re not happy with our results, simply change the password to your Account account and our trades won’t be copied to your account anymore.